Kwara State University

Centralized Online Research Assessment and Submission System

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  • Convenience

    Students can submit their research work online from anywhere, eliminating the need for physical submissions.

  • Efficiency

    Reduces administrative burden by streamlining the submission process for both students and instructors.

  • Archival

    Offers lifetime storage of research work, providing a secure and easily accessible repository for both students and faculty.

  • Version Control

    Helps in maintaining different versions of research work, allowing for easy tracking of changes and progress over time.

  • Security

    Ensures the security and confidentiality of student submissions through encrypted storage and access controls

  • Environmental Impact

    Reduces paper consumption and environmental impact associated with traditional paper-based submissions.

  • Remote Learning Facilitation

    Supports remote learning by providing a platform for submission and assessment of research work, especially valuable during situations like pandemics or natural disasters